Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6


A Christian home-schooling support group whose intent is to encourage, inform, and provide fellowship for both home-schooling parents and their children.  As a support group, our purpose is to help you in your God-given responsibility of training your children through home education.  We offer a variety of programs and activities; we encourage you to choose the ones that will most benefit your family.  Programs offered may include activities such as Used Curriculum Sale, Project Presentation Day, Yearbook Club,  the Rochester Rapids Basketball and Soccer competitive boys and girls sports teams, Graduation Ceremony, Winter Fun Day and Field Trips.

We also offer group lessons designed to enrich your child’s education. We generally have fall and spring group lessons. Our teachers act as independent contractors’ and set their own fees to cover the cost of materials and their services.  We also have a small expense fee for all who participate in group lessons to cover the cost of the church/facility.  Other advantages of belonging to our local support group include discount on HSLDA membership, support and advice for you as home schooling parents, and a monthly bulletin.

We have a yearly membership fee which includes a $20 fee required by NYS LEAH, plus required involvement in some area of service within our group.  We have a points system whereby each member family must earn a specified number of points per year by serving in some way.  New families must earn 10 volunteer points per year and renewing families must earn 50 volunteer points per year.  Some ways to earn these points are to teach at group lessons, serve refreshments at a program or help organize a field trip.  Many of these will be listed in our monthly newsletter throughout the year.  Most of the service areas do not involve a great number of hours because we are all extremely busy in our own home schools, local churches, etc.  You are welcome to earn points by helping in an area that you are involved in. For example, if your daughter is on the soccer team, you can volunteer to help with a need while you are at practice or a game. If you want to do a mailing or make phone calls in your home, you are welcome to work around your schedule. We just ask that you help in an area that you are involved in. Programs are offered because wonderful parents work together for the good of our homeschoolers.

Please understand, it is our desire that all families can participate without reservation. In order to avoid causing an offense to others, we ask that you follow these guidelines related to dress and behavior at all Greater Rochester LEAH functions. Thank you.

  • No tight or form-fitting shorts, pants, or low neckline tops and dresses
  • No halter tops, bare midriffs, mini-skirts, or clothing with worldly slogans or groups advertised on them.
  • No cursing and inappropriate language.
  • Avoid the most current fads, such as piercing body parts (If you have a pierced body part, or if a young man has pierced ears, please remove the jewelry for Greater Rochester LEAH activities).
  • Avoid extremes which draw excessive attention to a person.